Sometimes things are better left forgotten.
Sometimes things need to live on for the sake of living on, without having any good reason to.
This is a case of the latter.

All of these were made and forgotten about several years ago, until I dug them up recently. I am unsure right now whether or not I should re-master Trafficraft for more recent versions or just leave it be, as part of me says it would be nice to get it back.

As for the maps, they were for YouTube videos a few years back. While I have no ambition to remaster them, they may not work in more recent versions of the game. As I have not so much as looked at Minecraft for countless months, any number of things could have changed since then, both with the maps and Trafficraft.


Downloads Trafficraft: Remastered

Download & Install

MC1.5.x MC1.6.x MC1.7.x MC1.8.x Snapshot 14w11b


  • Download .ZIP of your choice.
  • Navigate to %APPDATA% then .minecraft/resourcepacks
  • Place .ZIP into .minecraft/resourcepacks. Do not extract the .ZIP


Christmas Special 2013

Christmas Special 2012

Download & Install

Xmas 2013 (Dropbox) Xmas 2012 (Dropbox)

  • Download .ZIP of your choice.
  • Navigate to %APPDATA% then .minecraft/saves
  • Extract .ZIP into .minecraft/saves